One of the issues I encountered transitioning to LaTeX was organizing projects in a sensible way. Once you start separating your parts into individual .tex files, there are a couples of ways to go about organization, but I think the best method is the one in the LaTeX wikibook.

In your project folder, you have two folders and two LaTeX source files:


In the folder ./tex/ you will have the .tex files that make up your document.

In the folder ./img/ you put the pictures in your document.

In main.tex, you include the sections that make up your report and any other boilerplate. After you change the title details you probably won’t be modifying this further. This is the file you compile to make your document.

In mystyle.sty, you call the packages needed for the document and create any new commands. By keeping them here, rather than main.tex, everything you need is in one easy to access file, which is easier to modify and minimizes clutter.

To illustrate what I mean, here is a sample project with this structure. Feel free to use this as a basis for your projects.