Over the summer I’ve been pursuing my hobby of homebrewing. It’s not just to learn the how of brewing, but the why as well. I want to understand the effects of temperatures, ingredients, time, the enzymes at work! I’ve been reading How to Brew for the science and The Joys of Homebrewing for the practice. But as with any experiment, you need a log sheet. As I’ve learned through R&D, unless it’s written down then it’s not how it happened.

To that end, there are many different sheets and applications for logging your beer brewing process. However, I did not see one I could use in my forays into wine. As a result, I created a simple one to keep track of all those important bits.

Features include a table for your ingredients and quantities, as well as blank rows for extra ingredients. There’s space for gravities, temperatures, racking and bottling dates, and for general notes.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for how to improve the log sheet. Anything else you would add?